Electronics & Accessories

Find the perfect finder 34 Humminbird® MEGA Imaging with CHIRP 36 Humminbird® 360 Imaging 37 Humminbird® CHIRP Side Imaging38 Humminbird® CHIRP Down Imaging39 Humminbird® CHIRP Sonar40 Humminbird® CHIRP Radar41 Humminbird® NMEA 2000®41 Humminbird® Autochart Live42 Humminbird® Autochart43 Navionics® Mapping44 Humminbird® HELIX 1245 Humminbird® HELIX 1046 Humminbird® HELIX 947 Humminbird® HELIX 748 Humminbird® HELIX 549 Humminbird® PiranhaMax 450 Humminbird® Fishin' Buddy Max51 Humminbird® Specification Table52 Humminbird® HELIX Configuration Diagrams57 Humminbird® Accessories58 Scanstrut Mounting Systems 65


Why Buy Mastervolt?70 Mastervolt Batteries70 Mastervolt Battery Chargers75 Mastervolt SineWave Inverters82 Mastervolt Mass Combis86 Mastervolt DC-DC Converters90 Mastervolt & BEP Battery Charge Isolators94 Mastervolt Alternators & Charge Regulators95 Mastervolt Isolation Transformers96 Mastervolt Transfer Systems98 Mastervolt Solar ChargeMaster Regulators100 Mastervolt MPPT Solar Charger101 MasterBus & CZone System102 BEP Circuit Breaker Panels126 Marinco® Shore Power Systems134 BEP & Pro Installer Battery Distribution Systems136 BEP Circuit Breakers157 BEP & Pro Installer Fuse Holders & Fuses161 Mastervolt BattMan Monitors163 BEP AC & DC Monitors164 BEP Tank Monitors166 BEP Contour & Analogue Panels168 BEP Gas Panels171 BEP Switch Panels172 Switches & Power Plugs176 Sierra® Contura, Rocker & Contura Switches178 Sierra® Ignition Switches179 Sierra Cut Off Switches & Lanyards181 Battery Switches, Battery Monitor & Bilge Pump Monitors185 Switch Panels188 Marinco® Sine Wave Inverters189 Minn Kota® Battery Chargers189 Battery Boxes, Trays & Tie Downs190 Wiring Harnesses191 Wire, Electrical Connectors & Terminals192 Veethree Instrumentation198 Horns & Wipers207 Scanstrut Deck Seals212 Cobra Marine VHF Radios213 Shakespeare Aerials219 VHF Radio, Speakers & Accessories227


OceanLED Underwater LED Lighting230 OceanLED Selection Guide231 OceanLED Xtreme Trailer Series - Under & Above Water Lights232 OceanLED Xtreme Pro Series - Underwater Lights232 OceanLED Xchangeable Flush Mount Allure Series - Underwater Lights233 OceanLED Sports Series - Underwater Lights234 OceanLED Thru Hull Pro Series - Underwater Lights235 OceanLED Xchangeable Flush Mount Series - Underwater Lights237 OceanLED Xtreme Dock Series - Underwater Dock Lights239 OceanLED Mast Series - Spreader Lights239 OceanLED EYES Gen2 - Underwater Camera240 OceanLED Controllers & Kits241 Navigation Lights242 Trem® Navigation Lights245 Pole Riding Lights247 Anchor Riding Lights249 BLA Cockpit Lights251 Perko® Stern Lights251 Exterior Lights252 Interior Lights253 Cabin Lights254 Strip Lighting256 FriLight Lights257 Courtesy Lights260 Light Switches & Accessories262 Marinco® Spotlights263 Floodlights & Spotlights266 Bow & Hull Lights268 Replacement Bulbs269

Pumps, Plumbing & Galley

Pump Overview272 Whale® Intelligent Control274 Waste Water Handling275 SPX Viking Power Diaphragm Pumps276 Grey Waste Pump Systems277 SPX Jet Pump Systems278 Whale® Pressure Pumps279 SPX Aqua Jet Pumps, Kits & Accessories280 Accumulator Pumps279 Wash Down Accessories279 Whale® Orca Bilge Pumps283 Electric Bilge Pumps284 SPX Cartridge Bilge Pumps & Accessories285 Whale® Submersible Pumps286 TMC Bilge Pumps287 Bilge Switches288 SPX Bilge Pump Controls & Accessories289 TMC Aerator Kits & Accessories291 Livewell / Bait Tank, Aerator Accessories292 Live Bait Tanks293 Manual Pumps294 Whale® & Henderson Connectors & Valves313 Whale® Faucets & Shower Kits298 Galley Pumps300 Tapware, Faucets & Shower Kits302 Sinks306 Isotherm® Water Heaters & Accessories307 Whale® & SPX Marine Water Heaters308 Bilge Pump & General Hoses309 Whale® Quick Connect311 Whale® Adaptors & Accessories312 BLA Hose Clamps314 Ball Valves315 Skin Fittings317 Scuppers, Strainers & Drains319 Hose Tails & Accessories322 SPX AquaT Marine Toilets324 TMC Marine Toilets326 Marine Toilet Pumps331 Impeller Pumps332 Circulation Pumps335 SPX Impeller Kits336 DJ Engine Cooling Pumps & Impellers340 Teak Table Tops343 Magma® Gas Barbecues345 Magma® Deck & Rail Mounts346

Anchoring & Mooring

Anchor Selection Guide349 Lewmar® Anchors, C.Q.R®, Delta® & DTX®350 BLA Anchors, Sand, Self Align, Plough & Grapnel352 BLA Anchors, Reef, Folding & Sea354 BLA Anchor Rope & Chain356 Stainless Steel Chain357 Shackles, Thimbles, Links & Swivels359 Rope, Silver, Mooring, Braided & Cord362 Boat Hooks363 Fenders, Fender Systems & Buoys364 Dan-Fender® Buoy/Fender364 Dan-Fender® Fender2Step366 Anchor Retrieval Systems & Floats368

Anchor Winches & Accessories

Lewmar® Windlass Selection Guide & Anchoring Information370 Lewmar® Horizontal Anchor Windlasses373 Lewmar® Vertical Anchor Windlasses376 Lewmar® Capstan384 Lewmar® Gypsies385 Lewmar® Switches385 Lewmar® Remote Controls386 Lewmar® Chain Counters387

Rigging & Architectural

BLA Stainless Steel Packaged Hardware Overview390 Stainless Steel Shackles391 Pins, Wire Rope Grips, Thimbles393 Swages, Swage Terminals & Balustrade Accessories395 Closed Body Turnbuckles397 Open Body Turnbuckles399 Snap Hooks, Snap Shackles & Hooks400 Quick Links, Sister Clips & ’C’ Rings403 Stainless Steel ’U’ Bolts404 Lag Screws & Eye Bolts405 Rings, Buckles & Pad Eyes405 Saddles, Eye Nuts & Swivels408 Stainless Steel Blocks409 Galvanised Steering Cable410 Rigging Wire411 Rigging Tools412 Architectural Stainless Steel Rail Fittings414

Hatches & Ventilation

Lewmar® Hatches418 CE Regulations421 Lewmar® Hatch Accessories422 Lewmar® Portlights423 Lewmar® Flush & Custom Hatches & Portlights426 Lewmar® Extended Range426 Lewmar® Spare Parts427 Jim Black® Hatches428 Jim Black® Portlights429 Jim Black® Hatch Accessories430 Tackle Storage Boxes & Pockets, Storage Cabinets & Boxes431 Access Hatches/Doors, Inspection Panels433 Vents & Cowls438 Bilge Blowers & Accessories442 Webasto Air Conditioners444

Seats & Accessories

Introduction to Seats and Accessories448 Helm Seats449 Pilot Seats451 Upholstered Seats452 Deluxe Fold Down and Flip Back Seats453 Flip Up and Fold Down Seats454 First Mate Seats456 Moulded Seats and Upholstery Sets458 Bay Seats and Cushions460 Adjustable Seat Pedestals461 Chair Slides464 Plug-in Pedestals465 Seat Swivels and Seat Bases466

Hull, Deck & Cabin Hardware

Introduction to Aluminium Anodes468 Block Anodes469 Oval & Teardrop Anodes470 Engine Pencil Anodes471 Propeller Anodes472 Mercury® / Mercruiser® Type Anodes473 Evinrude® / Johnson® / Cobra® Type Anodes474 Volvo Type Anodes475 Honda Type Anodes476 Yamaha Type Anodes476 Johnson Cutless® Propeller Shaft Bearings477 Marine Town® Bow Rollers481 Lewmar® Bow Rollers482 Bollards482 Hawse Holes483 Cleats484 Deck Fillers486 Drain Plugs487 Scuppers489 Slop Stoppers, Cable Boots & Rigging Flanges490 Attwood Rod Holders491 Cannon® Rod Holders & Accessories492 Flush Mount Rod Holders493 Storage Holders & Racks495 Ski Tow Accessories496 Padlocks, Bolts & Latch Sets497 Barrel Bolts & Catches498 Door Locks500 Perko® Latch Sets502 Marine Town® Catches504 Stainless Steel Catches507 Hatch Fasteners508 Lift Rings510 Hinges516 Hand Rails518 Drink Holders519 Storage & Glove Boxes520 Boarding Ladders & Step Treads521 BLA Marine Biminis522 BLA Boat Covers523 BLA Rocket Launchers523 Canopy Accessories524 Marine Town® Weld On Rail Bases529 Boat Registration Letters & Numbers530

Outboard, Fuel Fitting & Propellers

Outboard & Diesel Fuel Tanks & Plastic Jerry Cans532 Outboard Fuel Fittings & Primer Bulbs533 Fuel Lines & Fuel Hose534 Sierra® Outboard Fuel Fittings536 Quicksilver® Outboard Fuel Fittings540 Fuel Filters & Elements542 Quicksilver® Fuel Filters552 Sierra® Oil Filters & Wrenches553 Fuel Tank Breathers & Valves559 Outboard Brackets561 Outboard Plates, Pads, Motor Locks & Tinnie Mover562 Motor Trolleys & Dinghy Wheels563 SE Sport Outboard Foils564 StingRay Outboard Foils566 Motor Starter Cord & Flushers & Spark Plugs567 Spark Plugs568 Sierra® Impellers & Water Pump Repair Kits571 Quicksilver® Water Impeller Repair Kits582 Seloc® Engine Manuals597 Sierra® STATS Engine Diagnostics605 SeaStar® Jacking Plates606 TH Marine Foot Throttles, Slide Mount, Transom Wedge & Torque Tab609 Turning Point Propellers610

Trailer Accessories

Guide to Winching640 Winch Selection Guide641 BLA Electric Winches642 Manual Trailer Winches643 Atlantic Manual Trailer Winches644 Winch Accessories & Aerofast Straps645 Aerofast Tie Downs647 Tie Downs & Straps650 Trailer Lights651 Electrical Trailer Cable, Electrical Plugs & Trailer Rollers652 Trailer Accessories & Coupling Locks654 Jockey Wheels656

Safety Equipment

Life Cell658 Flares, Flare Kits, Smoke Canister & Flare Container660 Line Thrower662 Safety Pack662 EPIRB & PLB663 Life Jacket Light, Lifebuoy Light & Life Raft Light664 Lifebuoys, Rescue Sling & Lifebuoy Brackets672 Fire Bucket, Recessed Storage Boxes & Reflective Tape666 Fire Extinguisher Port666 First Aid Kits, ’V’ Sheet, Torch & Wooden Bungs667 Floating Waterproof Torch & 77 Capacity Label668 Navigation Shapes, Code Flags & Radar Reflectors669 Safety Mirror, Gas Operated Horns & Whistle669 Fire Extinguishers & Fire Blanket672 Paddles & Oars671 Rowlocks, Bailers & Oar Stops674


Ritchie® Sport Compasses677 Ritchie® Trek Compasses677 Ritchie® Explorer Compasses678 Ritchie® Kayaker Compass679 Ritchie® Angler Compasses679 Ritchie® Voyager Compasses680 Ritchie® Helmsman Compasses681 Ritchie® Navigator Compasses682 Ritchie® Compass Cover682 Ritchie® Venture Compasses683 BLA Compasses683 Clocks & Barometers684 Bells, Weather Station & Binoculars686

PFD's, Bags, Boots & Sunglasses

Inflatable PFD689 SOLAS, Coastal & Standard PFD691 Oceantot PFD691 Oceanmate, Coastmate PFD692 Wakemaster PFD693 Coastracer PFD695 Blademate, Blademaster & Bladepro PFD695 Waterproof Bags696 Wet Suit Boots & Sneakers696 Barz Sunglasses & Accessories697

Oils, Sealants & Maintenance

Sierra® Oils, Lubricants & Accessories702 Sierra® E-Go! Fuel Maintenance709 Quicksilver® Oils, Lubricants & Accessories711 Castrol Oils & Grease712 Shurhold® Brushes, Boat Hooks & Cleaning Products713 Septone® Cleaners & Boating Products718 JB Weld® Adhesives and Silicone724 Fixtech Sealants, Adhesive and Accessories729 Paint Brushes, Roller Kits, Covers & Frames732 Star brite® Maintenance Products733 Star brite® Fuel Additives746

Steering Wheels

PVC Steering Wheels758 Aluminium Steering Wheels759 Mahogany Steering Wheel761 Stainless Steel Steering Wheels761 Timber Steering Wheel762 Sierra® Pro Trim Control762 Lewmar® & Other Sailing Steering Wheels763

Mechanical Steering - Power & Sail

SeaStar Solutions® Steering System Selection Guide766 SeaStar Solutions® Steering System Kit Summary767 How To Measure Steering Cables769 SeaStar Solutions® Quick Connect 3.0 Turn Steering770 SeaStar Solutions® Quick Connect 4.0 Turn Steering771 SeaStar Solutions® HPS 3.0 Turn Planetary Gearing772 SeaStar Solutions® NFB Safe-T ll Steering773 SeaStar Solutions® NFB 4.2 Rotary Steering774 SeaStar Solutions® JBS Jet Boat Steering775 SeaStar Solutions® Xtreme Mechanical Steering776 SeaStar Solutions® The Rack Steering778 SeaStar Solutions® NFB The Rack Steering779 Steering Connections780 Tie Bar Kits783 Clevis Pins & Ball Joints783 Lewmar® Steering System Specifications784 Lewmar® Steering System Kit Summary784 Lewmar® Sailboat Steering785

Hydraulic Steering

Introduction to Hydraulic Steering792 Outboard Hydraulic Steering Selection Guide793 BayStar Cylinder Range793 SeaStar® Cylinder Range794 Optimus EPS and 360 Selection Guide795 Optimus EPS and 360 Cylinder Range795 BayStar Compact Outboard Steering796 BayStar Side Mount Outboard Steering798 BayStar Inboard Steering799 SeaStar® Hydraulic Steering800 SeaStar® Outboard Steering Kits801 SeaStar® Front Mount Outboard Steering802 SeaStar® Side Mount Outboard Steering805 SeaStar® Pro Hydraulic Steering807 SeaStar® Front Mount Twin Outboard Steering809 SeaStar® Tournament Series Cylinder810 SeaStar® NFB Front Mount Triple Outboard812 SeaStar® Outboard, Catamaran and Splashwell Systems813 SeaStar® Stern Drive Hydraulic Steering816 SeaStar® Inboard Hydraulic Steering818 Caplilano Hydraulic Steering Systems820 SeaStar® Hydraulic DC Power Steering823 SeaStar® Power Steering for Boats 30m+824 SeaStar® Solutions Optimus EPS826 Electronic Power Steering System827 Optimus EPS & 360 Key Components828 Optimus EPS - Single Engine830 Optimus EPS - Twin832 Optimus 360 Joystick Control System834 SeaStar® SeaStation GPS835 Optimus EPS - Stern drive / Inboard837 Optimus EPS - Big Boat838 Optimus EPS & 360 Selection Guide Chart840 SeaStar® Power Assist842 SeaStar® SmartStick843 SeaStar® Solutions Helms844 SeaStar® Hydraulic Oil846 Cylinder Capacities847 SeaStar® Solutions Fittings and Kits848 Hoses and Fittings851 SeaStar® Hydraulic Service Kits853 SeaStar® Hydraulic Plumbing Diagrams854

Engine Controls

Mechanical Engine Controls at a Glance856 Single & Dual Function Controls858 Dual Station Selection Kits869 Engine & Outboard Control Cables870 Control Cable Adapters878 Connection Kits, Pivots & Rod Ends902 Hydraulic Engine Controls & Accessories881 NHK KE Electronic Engine Control Systems887 KE-4+ Electronic Control System888 KE-5a Electronic Control System892 KE-6a Electronic Control System896 KE-7 Electronic Control System898 KE Hand Held Remote Control900 KE Components, Accessories & Spares900 SeaStar Solutions® i6800 Electronic Control System901

Thrusters - Tunnel & Retractable

Introduction to Lewmar® Bow Thrusters904 Lewmar® Bow Thrusters, TT Electric905 Lewmar® Bow Thrusters, Ignition Protected TT Electric906 Lewmar® Bow Thrusters, Hydraulic907 Lewmar® Bow and Stern Tunnels907 Lewmar® Bow Thrusters, Retractable908 Lewmar® Bow Thrusters, Custom Vertical Retracting908 Lewmar® Thruster Controls909 Lewmar® Thruster Accessories, Fuse Holders and Spare Parts910

Power Generation & Engine Room

Wind Generators912 Marine Generators948 Vehicle Generators924 Vehicle Generator Radiators928 Military Generators929 Parallel Generators929 Generator Accessories930 Sierra® Fuel Filters, Carbie Kits & Temperature Senders934 Sierra® Impellers & Kits936 Sierra® Thermostats & Gaskets938 Sierra® Oil Filters943 Sierra® Anodes, Solenoids, Starters & Alternators945 Sierra® Generator Parts Application Guide946 Exhaust Components958 Marine Town® Exhaust Outlets958 Waterlocks & Goosenecks959 Sound Insulation960

Boat Building Materials

King StarBoard® Original Marine Construction Board963 King StarBoard® XL Marine Construction Board964 King StarLite® XL Marine Construction Board964 King StarBoard® Anti-Skid Marine Construction Board965 King StarBoard® Outboard Motor Pad966 EVA Self Adhesive Non-Skid Trailer Patches966 EVA Self Adhesive Non-Skid Decking Sheets966


An Introduction to Rope968 Silver, Three Strand & Aquadan969 Matrix Double Braid970 Mini Rope Spools, Lanyards & Mooring Lines972 Venetian Blind Cord, Dockline & Plaited Polyester973 Motor Starter, Ski & Shock Cord973 Netting, Webbing, Rope Measurer & Cutter974


Isotherm® Cruise Classic & Inox Marine Refrigerators976 Isotherm® Cruise Classic Marine Freezers980 Isotherm® Cruise Drawer Refrigerators & Freezers981 Isotherm® Cooling Boxes983 Isotherm® Icemaker985 Isotherm® ASU Refrigeration986 Isotherm® Self Pumping ASU Refrigeration987 Isotherm® Accessories & Spare Parts988 Isotherm® Electrical Cooling Compressor8990

Fishing Accessories

Cannon® Downrigger Overview992 Cannon® Downriggers996 Cannon® Downrigger Bases, Line and Clips1000 Cannon® Mounts and Accessories1001 Outriggers & Striker Bases1002 Rod Hangers and Racks1003 Outrigger Kits, Rigging & Accessories1004 Tackle Stations1005 Cutting Boards1005 Berley Buckets & Live bait Tank1007 Storage Bins1008 Rod Holders1009 Cutting Board & Rod Holder Accessories1009 Fishing Knives, Scaler & Knife Holders1013 Consoles1013 Anchor Wells & Bathyscope1014

Sailboat Deck Hardware

Lewmar® Blocks, Control, Synchro, HTX, Racing, Tweaker & Ocean1017 Lewmar® Footblocks, Control, Synchro, HTX & Racing1022 Lewmar® Stand Up Blocks, HTX1023 Lewmar® Block Upstands1023 Lewmar® Pad Eyes1024 Lewmar® Traveller System Components, Size 01024 Lewmar® Ocean Track, Size 01024 Lewmar® Cars & Traveller Components, Size 1 & 21025 Lewmar® Mainsheet Cars, Size 1 & 21025 Lewmar® Genoa Cars, Size 1 & 21026 Lewmar® Car Accessories & Spares1026 Lewmar® Track, End Stops & Accessories, Size 1 & 21027 Lewmar® Mainsheet & Genoa Cars, Size 31028 Lewmar® Track, End Stops & Accessories, Size 31029 Lewmar® T-Track Genoa Cars, Track & Ends1030 Lewmar® Cleats & Accessories1031 Lewmar® Organisers1032 Lewmar® Rope Clutches, D1 & D21033

Sheet Winches & Accessories

Introduction to Winches1036 Winch Selection Guide1037 Servicing Your Winch1038 Lewmar® EVO Winch Overview1039 Lewmar® EVO Sport Winches1039 Lewmar® EVO Self Tailing Winches1040 Lewmar® EVO Self Tailing Electric Winches1041 Lewmar® Electric Winches and Conversion Kits1041 Racing Winches1042 Winch Handles1043 Winch Spares and Maintenance Kits1044

Watersports & Inflatable Craft

Airhead® & Sportsstuff® Inflatable Tubes & Towables1046 Sportsstuff® Inflatable Lounges1064 Airhead® Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards1066 Airhead® Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories1068 Airhead® Skis & Kneeboard1069 Airhead® Wakeboards & Wake Surfboard1071 Airhead® Wakeboard, Ski & Wakesurf Rope & Handles1072 Airhead® & Sportsstuff Wakeboard, Ski & Tow Ropes1073 Airhead® Tow Accessories1074 Trem Ski Rope1074 Airhead® Valves, Inflator & Vinyl Repair Kit1075 Aqua Zooka Soakers1076

Canoes & Kayaks

Kayak and Canoe Types1078 Ocean Kayak® Sit on Top Kayaks1079 Old Town® Sit in Kayaks1081 Old Town® Canoes1085 Kruze Kayaks Sit on Top Kayaks1089 Minn Kota® Electric Propulsion for Canoes1090 Kayak Sailing Systems1091 Recreational Paddles1092 T Grip Paddles1093 Rack It Up Storage Systems1094 Accessories1096

Electric Motors

Introduction to Minn Kota®1100 i Pilot® Link Overview1101 Ulterra i Pilot® Link Saltwater Bow Mount1102 Ulterra i Pilot® Link Freshwater Bow Mount1104 Terrova i Pilot® Link Saltwater Bow Mount1105 i Pilot® Overview1106 Ulterra i Pilot® Saltwater Bow Mount1107 Ulterra i Pilot® Freshwater Bow Mount1108 Terrova i Pilot® Freshwater Bow Mount1109 Terrova i Pilot® Saltwater Bow Mount1110 PowerDrive i Pilot® Saltwater Bow Mount1112 PowerDrive Saltwater Bow Mount1113 Fortrex Freshwater Bow Mount1114 Riptide EM Saltwater Engine Mount1115 Digital Maximizer1116 Electric Outboard Motor1116 RT Maximizer Saltwater Transom Mount1117 Endura Max Freshwater Transom Mount1117 Riptide RT Saltwater Transom Mount1118 Endura Freshwater Transom Mount1118 Talon Electric Anchor Spike1119 Mounting Accessories1120 Remotes1121 Heading Sensor, Remote Steering and Pedals1122 Accessories1123 Bracket Mounts1124 Propellers and Prop Nut Kits1125 Battery Chargers1127 Motor Selection Guide1128